Thursday, March 26, 2020

We love each other By Tariq Aziz

Un miya biwi k naam jinho ney apni ana ki waja sey khud apni zindagi ko azab mein mubtila kar diya

We love each other By Tariq Aziz

We love each other
but we do not understand each other
you are not completely mine
i am not completely yours
you cannot change yourself for me
and i cannot change myself for you
we both have ego problem
I wait for you to start with yourself
you wait for me to start with myself
In this difficult time
i need you to understand
I need you to be with me
Do not left me alone in this difficult time
I promise
we will survive difficult times
We will overcome on our tough time
Just wait and stay with me
We will be together forever
There will be no distance between us
Then we will be happy forever

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